The City Hall. Cartagena. Spain

This magnificent building was built in the start of the year 1900 due to the importance that Cartagena reached in the late eighteen century.  It lies next to the natural harbor and, in fact, some space from the sea was taken in order to gain more space for the construction.  Right in front of it you can find the Museum of the Roman theatre and the Sea Wall.

Tomás Rico designed a triangular shape building, with four domes and circular galleries at the corners. It´s all covered up it with marble and granite and it´s decoration not only contains classical roman elements, such as columns, but geometric elements, city´s crests and floral arrangements. As a result, we can define this building in an eclectic style.

In my opinion, its one of the most beautiful buildings of Cartagena and I would strongly recommend you to visit it if you have a chance, since its inside is almost as amazing as its outside.  Besides, you can have a typical Asiático coffee at the Museum of the Roman theatre cafeteria while you enjoy our fantastic weather. 


* Picture taken by J. A. Barreiro Solano.

 Mª del Mar Jiménez Martín

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