Santa Severina hosted the competition ”  DIRITTI A COLORI ” .

The international design competition , organized by FOUNDATION MALAGUTTI ONLUS , now in its eleventh edition, aims precisely to remember the rights that protect children from all forms of abuse and violence.

The school children of Santa Severina and Altilia crowded Piazza Campo, and for a morning have used every corner, from the steps of the Cathedral to those of the building that houses the City Council, from Diocesan Museum to  the park, to make the drawings, so as required by the competition .

Different day for small children who have fun are also able to deal with important issues such as those of  denied childhood. Some of them have been awarded, but for all the prize was to be taken of an important message of civilization.

It was attended by the Mayor Diodato Scalfaro,     
Lucia Bellassai responsible for CASTELFIABA,  and many teachers who have accompanied and directed the children during the event.
Children and teachers at Piazza Campo
In Diocesan Museum
All together.

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