Integrated cultural policies as well as Europe asks:  not only this is AFAM CAMPUS  according to the Campus Master Alessandra Mazza, a professor of Music History and a press officer for this fourth edition of the Campus. According to the teacher to combine it with functional training for a real music festival and the chance to enjoy the facilities of Santa Severina event moved to a European connotation, thus allowing an increase in tourism.

This choice made in consultation with the Municipal Administration allows the whole region of boast of an initiative that links the major European policies of cultural promotion. Integrate training with the “show” by the exhibition “Festival in Campus” that offers a week of free events and open to all, designed as a tool of cultural encounter with the territory: the music is combined with the wonderful and charming village of Santa Severina.

According to Filippo Arlia the Deputy Director of the Tchaikovsky Consevatory  campus that allows students to further training which will enable them to interpret words to describe the music in a more knowledgeable, more real. Master Arlia, curriculum for excellence, artistic director of Lamezia Festival, Artistic Director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Calabria, pleasantly surprised by the growing response of the students in more than 150 only in the opening day, insists on the importance of experiences like that campus, as time advanced courses for students who live immersed in music into a unique musical and personal growth.

Music awaits in Santa Severina.



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