From July 20 to 26 Santa Severina  will host the  International Campus of High Musical    in collaboration with the Institute of Musical Studies “Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky” Nocera Terinese (Cz).


This sixth edition, boasting a caliber of faculty engaged in international masterclasses, and also the activation of pathways open to young students to study first approaches to the study of music. The campus is , without doubt , the icing on the cake of the training academy of Catanzaro, always looking for innovation but with an eye to tradition, in this optical fact is easily understandable choice of the village of Santa Severina as scenario past lives but also cultural activities and useful.

The program includes, in addition to lessons, seminars and workshops, classes will be held inside the Castle, the Diocesan Museum, the Baptistery, and other areas of the village.


The campus allows for some years now, not only to follow intensive courses of study, but opens the door to a music festival refined and usable by students, professionals, amateurs.

Santa Severina again remains faithful to its vocation, cultural artistic, hosting a prestigious music event, becoming the suggestive scenario in which every form of art is placed.





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