The challenges of future adult learning are requiring new approaches that collaborative learning using ICT can provide.

Many programmes emphasise the importance of life-long learning and a constant willingness to learn new skills in order to raise an individual’s aptitude for employment. The use of social networks as a tool for teaching and learning is being tested in some educational contexts with positive results.

In the educational context, Web 2.0 allows defining new roles for the teacher and the student who has an active role, driving his/her own learning, it is more responsible, motivated and collaborative. With this project, the partnership made of formal, non formal and informal education organizations from Spain, Italy and Ireland have decided to create an international virtual space of learning co-operation, aiming to exchange ideas between trainers and teachers in the Tourism field and in the new technologies applied to education, to help provide adults the access to the information and knowledge society, to increase employment opportunities and therefore reducing risks of social exclusion.

We want to invite you helping us. We want to know about your experience. We accept all kind of suggestion and advice. We are looking forward to hearing from your ideas, they will be very welcome.

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